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Experienced experts and clinicians will offer evidence-based cannabis education including the treatment and management of all patients ranging from recreational to chronic users. Attendees will have access to education as well as networking and learning from industry experts on our trade show floor. We're not trying to change your mind; we are presenting neutral approach with current evidence, research and expert opinions so you can decide for yourself the best treatment for your patients. Below is our preliminary agenda. Speakers and topics will be finalized for each city soon.

8:30am– 9:30am

State of the Union:

Where we are, How we got here, What are the opportunities, What are the barriers, Where is the future going


Cannabis 101

Plant, Phytocannabinoids, THC, CBD, Terpenes, Endocannabinoid system

10:00am– 10:45am

Evidence of Medical Cannabis

Review of meta-analyses and systematic reviews, Where it may work, Where it likely won't work, Risks of use

 10:55am– 11:55am

Authorizing Cannabis

Cannabis assessment, Screening for contraindications, Methods of administration, Strain selection, Starting dose, Titration, best dose, Adverse effects , Monitoring

 10:55am– 11:55am

Elderly & Palliative Care

Why use it in this group?, Considerations for these patients , Patient cases, Multimodal symptom relief, when it should be used , Patient cases

 1:00pm– 2:00pm

Mental Health

Risks, cannabis use disorder, Psychosis, used by patients to treat anxiety, insomnia, ADHD, PTSD, etc, When it could be used and when it should be avoided

 1:00pm– 2:00pm

Chronic Pain

Patient cases, Neuropathic pain, Opioid Sparing effects, Dosing and titration, Who's the ideal candidate?

 2:15pm– 3:00pm

Cannabis Use Disorder (CUD)

Short and long-term adverse effects, Drug interactions and minimizing , Strategies to reduce these risks, Importance of monitoring

 2:15pm– 3:00pm

Medico-Legal Aspects of Cannabis

Guidelines are not coinciding with how people are using cannabis, Waivers and informed consent, Cannabis at work, How cannabis differs from other drugs, Documentation and best practice

 3:30pm– 4:30pm

A Cannabis Debate - A Panel Debate

A group of experts will share their opinons on cannabis in a panel discussion.