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Cannabis Education Today Planning Committee:

Aimed to meet your needs, the Cannabis Education Today committee has sought out top speakers to deliver lectures covering the latest on cannabis education common to your medical workplace. 


mike boivin

Michael Boivin, BScPhm, RPh

Clinical Pharmacist Consultant and Continuing Education Developer
CommPharm Consulting
Art Kushner

Art Kushner MD, MCFP

Chief of Family and Community Medicine
Humber River Hospital
Lead Physician, Humber River Family Health Team
Lecturer, Department of Family and Community Medicine
Course Director, Pri-Med Canada Conference
University of Toronto

Luisa Barton, NP-PHC, BScN, MN, DNP

Faculty of Health Disciplines, NP Program Athabasca University

Speakers will be requested to disclose to the audience, any real or apparent conflict(s) of interest that may have a direct bearing on the subject matter of this program.

No session in the main Cannabis Education Today program receives direct financial support from any pharmaceutical or other commercial company; nor does any speaker receive such support for participation in this program. Symposia sessions are independent of the planning committee and receive financial support from industry.